Family Dining Table

I don't think anyone should under estimate the importance of the family dining table. Lets face it this is where it all happens. It's the centre of family life. The debates, the dreams, the glitter art! (which gets into every nook and cranny!) For me, it was important that the surface was durable and could take anything from red wine, tea mugs to felt tips. I didn't want to put on any sort of cover like an oil cloth or any table cloth for that matter (much to the horror of our Italian visitors!) and most definitely didn't want place mats and coasters. It was really important that everybody could be free (and that includes me!) without the worry of coasters stains etc.

So after a lot of searching (and I mean years of searching) for that illusive perfect table, which met all the above needs and the dimensions of my narrow dining space, I decided to design my own. I don't know about you, but there is a lot of clutter which accumulates on our table. So I was also determined that it would have drawers, one for each child to put all their pens, paper and precious plastic tat into. My husbands' dearest friend is also 6ft 7' and it needed to accommodate his height too!  


I'm really pleased with my design. It's made with reclaimed scaffold boards, four lovely drawers deep enough to hold things but high enough to clear the the thighs of the tallest of friends. The table is painted in Farrow and Ball 'yellow cake' which gives it a great warm welcoming character and has beautiful tapered legs. Four years on,  it is still going strong and has been witness to the most precious and memorable family occasions without a scratch or stain in sight! (although I must confess there are times when I do get flashes of glitter whilst wiping the table, which now makes my heart ache as I know before long the children will have outgrown such flamboyant craft afternoons!).

Please let me know your thoughts and do let me know if you would be interested in me designing a similar table for you..............

Not a coaster in sight!

The table even has a Christmas day extension!